Wooden Doll No. 18

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    Wooden Doll No. 18Wooden Doll No. 18

    Designed by Alexander Girard for Vitra

    The dolls were designed and made by Girard, one of the decisive figures in post war American design, in 1963 for his house in Santa Fe. They were inspired by his collection of folk art and subsequently turned into sculpturally abstract figures that incorporated design elements from Central America, Eastern Europe and Italy. Half decorative item, half toy, the dolls were probably intended as as prototypes for eventual sale at the Herman Miller Textiles and Objects shop, but did not go into production at the time. 

    Alexander Girard is famous for his textile work for the Herman Miller Company his designs defined a new kind of 'opulent modernism' a look that became synonymous with with 1960's American style. Each doll, however abstract, has a personality of its own, which makes collecting them so addictive _ some are grumpy, some stylish but all are witty, colourful and a fun additions to any casual or children's decor. One on its own could liven up a bookcase, or a cluster on a coffee table or all twenty two in a row on your desk any combination will add instant joy to your home or work environment. 'Toys,' said Alexander Girard,  represent a microcosm of man's world and dreams. They exhibit fantasy, imagination humour and love. 

    The dolls are carved in solid pinewood and painted by hand in Poland. These 'microcosms' are packaged in a printed pinewood box which is perfect for storage or gift giving.

    Dimensions: H: 15.3 cm, D: 4.7 cm, L: 7.2 cm